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YoungStArs Dance Program
Here's What You Get:
  •  6 Week Dance Classes Starting May                    6th.
  •  Fun Excercises for your child.
  • Music Video (Not Mandatory)
  •  Performance Showcase for the family              to enjoy.
  •  Fun..Fun..Fun!
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By clicking complete my order button, I affirm that I do not hold Boston Mobile Dance Studio liable for any  injuries sustained by my child. Additionally, I  do give permission for to document the freedom of my child's movement and use as evidence of a good time had by all, as we encourage others to move in any of BMDS’ promotions, including but not limited to websites, video and brochures.

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • 6 Week Dance Classes Starting May 6th.
  • Fun Exercises for your child.
  • Music Video (Not Mandatory)
  • Performance Showcase for the family to enjoy the kids perform
  • Fun, Fun....Fun!
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